Why did you choose a Stepwagon?

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Why did you choose a Stepwagon?

Postby Vantastic » Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:24 am

I thought this could be an interesting topic for all of us... and others who might be interested.
so here is my response and add yours below! :D

The package - i.e. compact easy to drive 8 seater people carrier
Honda technology and reliability - especially free running nippy engines
Useful seat layout options including built in picnic table (option not standard)
Loving the Steppy! ... my other car is also Vantastic!
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Re: Why did you choose a Stepwagon?

Postby pswoffer » Fri May 20, 2011 6:23 pm

I chose "steptoe" my rf3 camper as I wanted a campervan that was low enough to fit in my garage. Very pleased with it, just had an LPG conversion and i`m looking forward to a long hot summer of camping!
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Re: Why did you choose a Stepwagon?

Postby al1zdair » Sat Jun 02, 2012 11:50 pm

With 4 kids and a liking for camping, we needed a big car. Japanese imports became the obvious answer.

Started with a Toyota Townace 2.0l TD. Brilliant even after it blew the cylinder head gasket! Needed a major rebuild, but lasted for a good few years after that.
Wanted to 'trade up' to a Mitsubuishi Delica (muscle car), but it drove like a boat : (
Settled on a Mazda Bongo (hated the name, loved the driving experience).
Eventually the Bongo blew its' cylinder head gasket, but was seriously beyond economic repair.

Was looking for another Bongo ... found a Stepwgn.
Like a cross between the best points of the Townace and the Bongo, but better looking and more refined.

Even allowed my wife to 'decorate' the car with vinyls from http://www.hippymotors.co.uk/ ... must be going soft!
Just a normal easy going guy. Married, honest, happy ... how did all that happen?! : )
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