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Posting on ths site

Postby PARR » Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:09 pm

In view of the recent disclosures of Facebook's passing on or having stolen the details of 5 million members, I see that I was right not to sign up.
y last two posts.Facebook still insists on having ALL your personal information (I must admit, they do not ask for your inside leg measurement - it may come!) and even tell you that they will give it away to all and sundry (especially sundry).
Facebook, from the point of view of members of the Stepwgn Club, has destroyed the raison d'etre for the club's existence.
Before Facebook insisted on disclosure of everything I looked at it - the general standard of posts was far below that which the Club had on site.
I suggest that those who post on Facebook at least put copies on the Club site. (Cut-and-paste comes to mind).
I know Simon runs several owner-specific sites, but I would like to resurrect this one. The potential is very great.
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