Roof rail mounting covers

Roof rail mounting covers

Postby PARR » Wed May 16, 2012 4:54 pm

Someone, some time ago (and I cannot find the post) asked about covers for the roof-ral/rack mounting holes in the top bars of the Steppy.
Those for the 1999 Steppy can be obtained from <> or <www.bongofury co uk>, and the details are -
Part no. 74404-S47-0030 (front) Top Rail Roof Bar Mounting Cover £12.75 each
Part No. 74405-S47-0030 (rear) Top Rail Roof Bar Mounting Cover £12.75 each.
Probably take about 20 days - from Japan.
In any case, if you quote what you want they will get a price for you from their Japanese suppliers.
Probably can get any part
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