The Honda StepWagon / StepWgn Owners Club ...

The Honda StepWagon / StepWgn Owners Club ...

The Honda StepWagon / StepWgn Owners Club ...

Postby admin » Thu Jul 03, 2008 4:44 pm

Welcome to The Honda Stepwagon / Stepwgn Owners Club!

The latest 'big thing' coming over from Japan is the Honda StepWagon (or, as it's rightly called, the StepWgn)!

What's so great about it?

The Honda StepWagon is one of a new range of mini/midi MPVs produced by Honda and originally sold in the Japanese marketplace.

This funky, quirky, yet stylish little mpv is now taking the UK by storm! This extremely compact and economical vehicle is a massive hit with the Japanese youth and trend-setters in the Far East, where the StepWagon is one of the 'must-have' automotive style accessories.

The Honda Stepwagon made its debut in japan in 1996, with three model changes over the years. to the current, slick, 2005 edition, All are petrol engined automatics, with a standard 2.0 egine in the earlier models and a more powerful 2.4 engine added in 2004. Most models are 8 seaters, with a 5 seater version manufactured between '99 and '01.

This community is dedicated to owners of the Honda Stepwagon / Honda Stepwgn range of Japanese mini/midi MPV's.

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