Dexron11 or ATF-Z1

Dexron11 or ATF-Z1

Postby dicentrarchuslabrax » Wed Apr 07, 2010 9:08 pm

Hi, I have replaced the auto gearbox (3 litres) 1998 Stepwagon, 2WD oil twice in February 2009, once to flush the system, run for a couple of weeks then replaced again. I purchased the auto fluid from my local Honda dealer, £5 a litre from their bulk supply, they advised me only to use Honda fluid. I have monitored the general shift of the gears since replacing the fluid and have come to the conclusion that the shifts were a tad harsh. February 2010, replaced the auto fluid with Dexron11 purchased from my local motor factor. The shifts are now quite smooth, interestingly my Honda manual indicates that the auto box uses ATF, not ATF-Z1.
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